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Guatemala Finca Santa Sofia

Medium Roast

Farm: Finca Santa Sofia
Varietal(s): Caturra, Catuai & Catimor
Processing: Fully washed & sun-dried; finished in Guardiolas if needed
Altitude: 1,675 metres above sea level
Owner: Pablo José Ferrigno Figueroa
Town: Tactic
Region: Alta Verapaz, Cobán

Notes: Plum, wine, orange, dark chocolate, cherry, raisin; sweet, bright & syrupy

Our newest arrival to ECR, this Guatemala is unique in not only flavor, but also the micro-region of this origin! Tactic is known to have a much cooler climate than preferred by most coffee farmers, but Pablo is known to have a bit of a maverick style about him. :-) Coming from 3 generations of coffee farmers, which began from his Italian grandfather, Pablo's coffee expertise is full of depth.

He started Finca Santa Sofia with a bag of coffee seeds in the same year his daughter was born, this farm being her namesake.

All of the coffee is picked by hand as it ripens, mechanically pulped and fermented in water tanks for 48 hours, at which time it is washed and then re-soaked in fresh water for an additional 24 hours prior to drying. All of the coffees are dried on patios, but due to the wet climate of this region, sometimes the beans are finished drying using Guardiolas.

Pablo exports approximately 500 bags of coffee a year, 100% of which is graded specialty coffee. We hope you enjoy this new coffee as much as we do!

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