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Prayers for Peyton

We’re hoping to help out a local Erie, CO family with their financial needs in getting their daughter, Peyton, the treatments she direly needs. We’re doing what comes naturally, helping our community, and hope you will too 😌

The McMorran Family of Erie needs some financial assistance to help pay for medical treatment for their 6 year old daughter, Peyton.

Peyton was first diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor when she was only 14 months old. After talking to the top hospitals around the country they decided to monitor it through regular MRI brain scans and see what happened. For the past 4 years everything was going wonderful and the tumor even began to shrink!! Peyton’s MRI’s were every 3 months, then 6 months and now this year was the first year gap since she was diagnosed between scans. The family went in feeling very confident that it was going to be stable. Normally they are in and out with results within 3 hours. This time was different. After waiting for 8 hours, Peyton’s Neuro-Oncologist came in with the results that her tumor had “grown significantly” and that it was time they have it biopsied to see what they were dealing with. Surgery was done 10 days later and they found out that she has ganglioglioma BRAF V600e mutation. As they discussed treatment plans with her oncologist and neurosurgeon they found out that surgery again is not an option due to the way that the tumor is growing and its location near her brainstem. Radiation at this point is not recommended because her brain is still maturing and it could do more harm than good. Standard chemotherapy does not have the best results for children with the BRAF V600e mutation. Their doctor said that there is a new very promising targeted treatment that would include oral chemotherapy medications daily for the next two years. They family left the office feeling like they had a plan and HOPE.

They were given this treatment plan on May 31st, 2019. Ever since then they have been battling with their insurance company to cover the cost of treatment and have been denied TWICE.

The McMorran family has decided enough is enough and are going to start paying for Peyton’s treatment themselves. The cost of the two medications is going to cost a minimum of $10,000 a month. But, when you are battling for your child’s life none of that matters. They are doing everything they can to raise the money to travel to Boston Children’s Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute and to help pay for treatment while they continue to battle insurance. Hopefully this time it will get through. Thank you for supporting this Erie family!

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