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Colombia Risaralda Santuario

Dark Roast

Notes: cherry, cocoa, clean, sweet, brisk, juicy, balanced

Farm: Various small farms through

Varietal: Castillo (60%), Colombia (20%), Caturra (20%)

Processing: Washed Process (Fermented for between 14-48 hours and sun dried or dried in guardiolas)

Altitude: 1,500 to 1,700 metres above sea level

Owner: Various small holder farmers

Town / City: Santuario

Region: Risaralda

Santuario is a town and municipality in Colombia’s Risaralda Department. The town is situated along the Eastern side of the Cordillera Occidental mountain range, which starts to the North in Antioquia and runs all the way down to the border with Ecuador. The town was founded in 1886, with agriculture providing the economic drive for the region. Its high green hills provide an ideal location for coffee production.

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