Costa Rica Montañas de Diamante Tarrazú - Yellow Honey

From the 'Diamond Mountains' of the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica, we have roasted up this incredible coffee to give hints of orange, strawberry, and milk chocolate.

Farm: Finca Gamboa

Varietal: Caturra & Catuai

Processing: Yellow Honey (rinsed, partially pulped) & dried on patios

Altitude: 1,750 to 1,800 metres above sea level

Owner: Martin Gutierrez Monge

Town / City: Dota, Santa María

Region: Tarrazú

 Martin Gutierrez and his brothers come from generations of coffee farmers, and Martin himself inherited Finca Gamboa more than 40 years ago. The brothers call this area Montañas de Diamante (Diamond Mountains) because, like a diamond, coffee is a treasure brought forth by the land.

The majority of the work is done by the families of the brothers, only bringing in seasonal help during the harvest.

Once harvested, the coffee is sorted, washed to remove debris, then pulped leaving ~70% of the mucilage intact while drying on patios. The coffee is turned regularly to ensure proper drying. The total dryingtime at the farm takes approximately 7-8 days to reach final humidity.

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