Costa Rica Finca Llano Bonito

This lot is from a producer named Jhonnathan Camacho, who is descendant from one of the first coffee growers in the West Valley, his grandfather Rafael Camacho Vega. It is a Yellow Honey process lot.

Oscar Mendez and his wife, Olga, have been producing coffee for many years; in fact, Genesis was one of the first micromills—not just in the West Valley, but in Costa Rica. Don Oscar and Doña Olga are leaders in their community. "Everybody knows them." "They share a lot of experience and knowledge with other producers. They want to empower all the neighbors. They are truly fantastic people."

Oscar and Olga buy cherryfrom farmers in the area, and mill and process the coffees at Genesis, while keeping the lots separate and identified. Producers can either simply pay for the milling services, or they can sell their cherry to the Mendezes, but the farm name is still always attached to the coffee to give it specific recognition.

Oscar uses patio space for drying washed coffees, and raised beds for honey and natural processes.

Coffee has been cultivated in Costa Rica since 1779. Currently, the regions producing the best quality are Tarrazu, West Valley, and Central Valley. Coffee production has been threatened the past decade due to a real-estate boom converting coffee-lands into prime development properties. San Jose, the capital, is right in the heart of Central Valley, where you will find private houses next to coffee farms. The value of these farms have now skyrocketed.