Roaster's Reserve Guatemala - Organic Santa Isabel Natural

Crafted by the talented Alex Keller, this single lot organic natural is a true gem in the coffee world. Its rarity lies in its stellar nano-lot status, showcasing an impressive cupping score of 87+.

On the palate, Santa Isabel evokes a sense of nostalgia and complexity. Delicate notes of berries and sweet chocolates gracefully blend into the comforting flavors of s'mores and peach. All of this is carried by a smooth and creamy body.

Santa Isabel proudly carries the grade of SHB (Strictly Hard Bean), signifying its high altitude cultivation. Additionally, it boasts the prestigious certifications of Organic USDA and Organic Canada, ensuring a commitment to environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.

Finca Santa Isabel is a coffee farm with a rich history and a commitment to excellence. In 1899, Federico Keller established this remarkable farm in Pueblo Nuevo Viñas, Santa Rosa, Guatemala, and named it in honor of his beloved wife. For over a century, the Keller family has dedicated themselves to producing coffee of the highest certification standards while fostering harmony with their community and surroundings. They firmly believe that this holistic approach yields a more genuine and exceptional cup of coffee. Today, we are proud to work with the 5th generation of the Keller family, offering their exquisite organic coffee.

Situated in a region known for its dry climate, Finca Santa Isabel employs organic farming practices, including the use of soil cover and the preservation of legacy shade trees. This approach supports soil fertility and biodiversity, ensuring the coffee is cultivated in harmony with nature. The coffee plants thrive at altitudes ranging from 1200 to 1400 meters above sea level (MASL), benefitting from meticulous selection through multiple picking cycles to ensure exceptional quality. In response to the challenges posed by climate change, the farm has implemented initiatives such as planting additional shade trees and cultivating disease-resistant coffee varieties. The farm is not only home to a diverse array of wild birds but also supports the grazing of Pelibuey sheep, further enhancing the ecosystem.

Beyond their commitment to coffee production, Finca Santa Isabel actively contributes to education, health, and cultural projects in their community. In 1974, the Frederick Keller School was constructed and generously donated to the Las Joyas de San Nicolas Village. This educational institution accommodates 294 boys and girls from preschool to 3rd grade, providing them with opportunities for growth and learning. The farm's benevolence extends to sports and recreation, as they have donated a soccer field where weekly games are played on the lush green pitch. Moreover, Finca Santa Isabel maintains an onsite medical clinic, with a doctor visiting biweekly to provide essential healthcare services.

Experience the culmination of generations of dedication and community involvement through the coffee produced by Finca Santa Isabel. Every sip of their organic coffee tells a story of passion, sustainability, and social responsibility, creating a truly meaningful and exceptional coffee experience

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