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Sandra Farms

Roaster's Reserve: Puerto Rico - Sandra Farms Natural

Roaster's Reserve: Puerto Rico - Sandra Farms Natural

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Sandra Farms - Naturally Process Coffee

2022 Golden Bean Winner - Bronze

Sandra Farms is located in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, and is the driving force behind the Forgotten Forest Project, which is actively distributing the original strain of Puerto Rican Coffee across the island.  The farm is committed to producing only the best coffee through careful processing and sorting, all while promoting and uplifting other farms across the island.  Sandra Farms also pays workers some of the best wages on the island and is a model for ethical farming practices.  We are honored to roast their coffee here at Erie Coffee Roasters, and to share it with Colorado.

Naturally processed coffees, when done well, can introduce flavors you've never experienced before in a cup of coffee.  By drying with the cherry in tact, additional sugars are incorporated into the bean and the result is a fruity, full-bodied coffee, unlike anything you've had before.  

Pricing is $30 per 1/2 lb bag.

Farm:  Sandra Farms

Varietal:  Bourbon, Katuahi, Caturra

Altitude:  2500'

Location:  Adjuntas, Puerto Rico

Profile:  Plum, Chocolate, Caramel, Full Bodied

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