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Blue Mango Hot or Iced Tea-Caffeine Free

Blue Mango Hot or Iced Tea-Caffeine Free

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Blue Mango herbal tea steeps a beautiful deep blue thanks to the special butterfly pea flower in the blend Ready to be cool at the pool? K ick back and relax with this tropical iced tea blended with lemongrass, beautiful blue butterfly pea flower, essence of mango and exotic lychee. Add anything acidic such as a squirt of lemon juice, and the infusion will turn a gorgeous shade of violet. 

Lemon Grass, Butterfly Pea Flower, Chamomile Flowers, Rose Hips, Natural Mango Flavor, Marigold Flowers, Mango Pieces & Lychee Flavor

Fun Fact:  Native to the tropical regions of Asia, the Butterfly Pea Flower is known for its strikingly deep blue color. The flower is used as a natural food coloring and is commonly used to tint rice dishes in Malaysia.

Price is per 1oz bag loose tea.


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