1. When will my package arrive?

We roast your coffee fresh every week to order, with every intention of getting orders out for delivery (locally) or shipping every Wednesday and Friday. All orders we receive by midnight Sunday are scheduled to go out on Wednesday. Any orders after that  will likely go out later in the week or the following. So, please plan as best as you can especially around the holidays. Also, plan for shipping times. We offer several USPS, UPS, & FedEx rates which are calculated along with your order. Since we roast to order, you should typically expect 2-3 days turnaround time to roast, package, grind (if necessary), prep for shipping, plus the shipping time you select at checkout. Any order you place should take 7 days or less to arrive if you live in the lower 48 states.

That being said, occasionally the strangest things happen such as... 1) unpredictable Colorado weather, 2) family/personnel illness, 3) insane amount of orders at one time, 4) holiday shipping delays, 5) Chinese New Year, 6) Human Error

Please Note: we are NOT Amazon, nor can we compete with that kind of miraculous shipping time. When you order from Erie Coffee Roasters, you are supporting a small, family owned and operated business that prides itself in personalizing every aspect of the coffee buying experience, or as much as you can over ecommerce.

2. Do you re-use those bottles, jars, clips, etc?

We pride ourselves in being as "green" as can be, and are always looking for ways to "reduce, reuse, recycle". We absolutely take back any clips, cold brew bottles, and jars, then rinse, wash, and sanitize. Thanks for helping us make being green easier!

3. What do you do with the spent coffee grounds, chaffe, hops from your processing?

Would you like some? We donate spent coffee grounds & hops from our cold brew processing, as well as the chaffe from roasting, to gardeners, composters, farmers, vermiculturalists, and anyone else that is interested in grabbing some of this awesome organic material. Let us know if you would like some too and we'll add you to our list!

4. What do you do with your jute bags? How about your pallets?

We donate or reuse these too! Are you a Pinterest junky? Well then, you my friend are in luck! There are LOTS of crafty things you can do with both jute bags and pallets. Potato sack races anyone? Jute bags are perfect! Crafty home deco signs? Pallets! Goat-deterrents for your saplings? Pallets!  If you're interested, let us know!