Brazil Monte Alto - 2020 Cup of Excellence Farm

This is our third specialty coffee from Brazil's Minas Gerais region, which is famous for its mountainous relief and fertile soils being ideal for coffee, and our first from Sitio Monte Alto. 

Dark Roast

Notes: almond, citrus, milk chocolate, red apple, bright & juicy

Farm: Sitio Monte Alto

Family: Ribeiro do Valle

Varietals: 100% Yellow Catuaí

Region: Sul de Minas, Minas Gerais

Elevation: 1,100 meters above sea level

Processing: Pulped Natural / Honey

The Ribeiro do Valle family has over 136 years and 9 generations of family coffee production, and their coffee showcases that impeccable knowledge & expertise. Hand picked by 20 families living on the farm, the coffee is washed and partially pulped before drying on patios. 

The owners, Carlos Henrique & his wife Maria Ribeiro do Valle, have reserved more than 30% of their land for environmental conservation, and use this land to teach and train students about the natural flora & fauna of the region, and how to catalog what they see. The jewel of this area is a huge Jequitibá tree – a native species – which is estimated to be over 1,000 years old. This enormous tree is not only one of the farm’s most remarkable spots but also is the centrepiece to a story that has become something of a family guiding principle. 

Generations ago, the family was going through some hard financial times. The owner at the time – Carlos Henrique’s great great grandfather – was offered a significant sum to cut the tree down for timber. Despite the family’s dire circumstances, he decided that the esteem and the emotional value of the tree was far too great, so he refused. The family recovered from the crisis shortly afterwards and went on to produce more and more coffee. The tree now serves as a reminder that no matter how dark the path may seem, there’s always a way out of the woods.


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