Guatemala Finca San Lorenzo

A beautiful coffee coming from The Valdes Family, whom have placed in the Guatemala Cup of Excellence twice so far! Enjoy this incredibly warming cup.

Medium Roast

Farm: Finca San Lorenzo
Varietal(s): Caturra, Catuai & Sarchimor (a hybrid of Costa Rica's Villa Sarchi and Timor Hybrid)

Processing: Fully washed & sun-dried; finished in Guardiolas if needed
Altitude: 1,550 metres above sea level
Owner: Luis & Wicho Valdes
Town: San Cristobal, Alta Verapaz

Region: Cobán

 Due to the area's high humidity and high rainfall, the Valdes Family is meticulous about the growing, harvesting, and processing of its coffee. It shows! Because of the amount of rainfall in the Cobán region, the plants flower and produce in a staggered stages during the year. This means the farm must harvest every few days during the harvest season, ensuring that only the ripest cherries are picked.

Then, there is the challenge of high humidity. The coffee must be dried within a certain amount of time so that it does not mold. Once harvested, the cherries are mechanically pulped, then fermented for up to 48 hours, then rinsed and soaked again for another 24 hours in fresh water to remove any intact mucilage.

The coffee is dried on patios for one day before being relocated to greenhouses to dry for 15 to 30 days, or until the humidity reaches 30%. The drying process is completed using guardiolas to remove the excess moisture. Then, the coffee rests for 21 days in a warehouse prior to moving to the dry mills for milling and bagging.

Wicho, as agricultural manager, has spent many years cultivating the plants at the farm to reduce the risk of rust, hence the introduction of Sarchimor, the hybrid of Costa Rica Villa Sarchi and Timor. 

The family is also dedicated to helping the local ecosystem with their forest conservation efforts (more than 30 hectares of their land is untouched forest) and composting back into the land. 

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