Single-Serve 100% Recyclable Cups - Costa Rica Medium Roast

Who wants to start their day with guilt and crappy coffee??  Now you don't have to!

Your favorite Craft-Roasted Erie Coffee Roasters coffee, now available in 100% Recyclable Single-Serve cups that will fit in any single-serve brewer, including Keurig. Cup, filter, cap, all recyclable!

We've partnered with United Home Technologies to bring you iFill's 100% recyclable singe-serve cup.  

12 cups @ 11g each.


Please check with your local Recycling Municipality to ensure they recycle #5 items.  If they don't, no problem!  Just drop them off at your local Whole Foods #5 recycling bins or at Erie Coffee Roasters and we'll make sure they get where they need to go ;-)

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